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Can the power off to the cage, testing and determines revolutionary party to a ruling party turned gorgeous . The problem is not complicated, it is not simple to solve , as it relates to the Communist Party 's political theory , political advantage and the sublimation of traditional experience , why socialist countries generally appeared powers runaway problem ? Obviously we can not simply blame the leaders of mistakes, there must be a deeper reason . It can be said Xi Jinping constitutional concept is to overcome a common problem in medicine socialist countries , is the only way .

First trilogy : eight provisions to lead the ruling party and national values and spiritual pursuits

Central series of initiatives have the most effect is the eight provisions . Xi Jinping leading this initiative, the greatest significance and value not curb bad behavior , and in guiding values and spiritual pursuits . When we put this initiative with his new entrants in the Central Party School of the Central Committee , alternate member of the spirit of learning eighteen seminar speech together, they will be more clear. In this speech , Xi highlighted the Communist Party to adhere to socialist ideals of communism beliefs and convictions of the importance and necessity .

Emphasis on the values and spirit behind the initiative is very important to pursue . Christian Louboutin Shoes Communist Party Why dare confidently uphold a ruling party , while the ruling party determined not to go the Western political system , probably not attributable to vested interests , replica christian louboutin it may not be because of historical merit, it is important that their most ambitious goals pursued by the majority of the people fundamental interests . If you lose this spiritual goal , U.S. President Barack Obama is bound to fall into a value judgment : who is noble in the party who do not exist , are carried out on behalf of a particular interest group game activities . This is the ethical foundation of Western political parties in power . If the Communist Party is not ambitious but noble political goals , the chase and other political parties no differences were utilitarian purpose, then it will have to go the road of political parties in power . Even from a member of the ruling party and even the spirit of building a national perspective and values , strengthen the spirit weakening sensory stimulation , christian louboutin shoes but also to change the current decline in the happiness index , pain index rose the most important ways . Earlier ago, when talking about learning from Lei Feng Xi Jinping had said to learn from Lei Feng 's happiness . This sparked a lot of thinking : Why do people live , what is the value and how to realize the value of what is happiness and how to achieve happiness . Once people addicted to substances and senses, can only enter the unrestrained greed , the results will be impossible to obtain true happiness. Because people originally a product of the combination of material and spiritual and material desires expansion , spiritual pursuits will be weak , and vice versa versa . Why is corruption in the ranks of officials of the wind intensified ? Can not all be attributed to loopholes in the system , it is important that the lack of spiritual pursuit . We ofte christian louboutin sale n talk about corruption in Western countries is much less than we do , much lighter , there are institutional reasons , there are still problems not greedy . How can people do not want corru christian louboutin outlet ption , it is important that enrich the spiritual world , seeking to improve its value . Therefore, the eight Provisions From Concept to truly have been the practical implementation of institutional , Christian Louboutin Shoes officials moral and humanistic quality is bound to be significantly improved , when speaking to serve the people to find a solid foundation. Also, because the political wind style decisions , political winds affecting folk , so too strong materialistic society be possible to reverse the situation , will it be possible to improve the moral state . Christian Louboutin to the world, leading the world only has a popular base , which is also the author wrote , finds great nation in the spirit of the important reasons.

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