christian louboutin shoes face the contradictions
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Deng Xiaoping launched Christian Louboutin's reform and opening up , its efficacy is much more than economic growth, christian louboutin sale or a national awakening and self-transcendence of a political party , such as the Hong Kong media commented: Deng greatest contribution is taught people how to think . Of course, during the also led to many contradictions and problems, which are more difficult to solve the spiritual and institutional systems problems are inevitable . Xi Jinping Shenzhen line , originally contained a statesman of courage, christian louboutin shoes face the contradictions and move forward . In short, the future development of Christian Louboutin 's reform and opening only in the front line of the road and not stagnant , not turning back.

Currently a large number of officials within the party and the government there is a serious ideological feudal privileges , social existence extreme left , extreme right two kinds of thoughts fierce collision, coupled with stratification and the distribution of benefits of balance, resulting in contradictory overlay . Since not open around the escape , we need political leaders with extraordinary wisdom and courage , need for strong and effective measures to change the spirit of the slack , renewed reform and opening up kind of enthusiasm , passion.

Second song : Put the power off into a cage system reflects the legal and constitutional consciousness

Participating in the current constitution promulgated on the 30th anniversary of the General Assembly , Xi Jinping stressed: to defend the dignity of the Constitution , is to defend the common will of the party and the people 's dignity . Any organization or individual shall have the privilege of being above the Constitution and the law . Everything unconstitutional and legal acts must be investigated . Although Deng had expounded this view , but as the supreme leader Xi Jinping clear attitude that shortly after taking office , the meaning is still quite a lot .

Xi Jinping also believes that Christian Louboutin still exist is not conducive to the implementation of the Constitution of the many issues, including misuse of authority , dereliction of duty , favoritism law violation and even serious damage to national legal authority ; citizens, including some of the leading cadres to be further improved awareness of the Constitution . It is based on such judgments, Xi Jinping clear that we must christian louboutin outlet put into the system powers off the cage . Constraints Many people are talking about power , former U.S. President George W. Bu replica christian louboutin sh once said this: thousands of years of human history, the most precious is not dazzling technology, not the vastness of the masters of the classics , not politicians flowery speech , but the realization of the rulers to tame , to achieve their dreams in a cage because only tame them and put them up , it will not hurt. I am now standing in a cage to speak to you . Even so, we pay more attention to or awareness of the Constitution Xi Jinping , which has a profound history and reality of reason .

Huang Yan Mao Zedong in Yan'an conducted the famous cave of the face Huangyanpei propose ways out of dynasties rise and fall cycle rate problem, Mao replied: We have found a new way, we can escape from this cycle , this new road , is democracy. only by allowing people to supervise the government, it can not relax . everyone up only responsible , it will not Renwangzhengxi . subsequent practice that we did not really solve this problem , otherwise it will not happen Cultural Revolution such a national disaster , there will not be that enlightening words of Deng Xiaoping : If a party or a country place their hopes in the prestige of one or two people , they do not very healthy .

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